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Traditional Techniques

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    Traditional Techniques – Printmaking – The Process

    - by Kingdom & Sparrow

    A recent project has had us visiting John Howard Print Studio in Penryn to work on some copperplate etchings. The print room is a wonderful environment to work in, often there are several processes and techniques going on as artists work on a range of projects.

  • Article

    Traditional Techniques – Printmaking

    - by Brigid Johnson

    As a creative studio specialising in illustration we take pride in our ability to offer our clients bespoke, handcrafted artwork from an in-house team of highly skilled artists, illustrators & designers.
    Printing is a medium we consistently consider on our projects – in fact, it comes into consideration in every project, as most end up being manufactured as printed packaging. With the initial design concepts however, the print room is never far from our minds.